Volume 10 Issue 4 August 2014

| September 21, 2014

Volume 10 Issue 4 August  2014

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Foreword: Dr. Paul Robertson and Dr. Rajabali Askarzadeh Torghabeh

  1. {slider Learning How – to – Learn: Sophomore University Students’ Learning Styles and Strategies in an Iranian Context. Mojgan Hamidni, Azizollah Dabaghi and Saeed Ketabi|closed|closed}{/sliders}
  2. {slider Translation of Euphemism: A Case Study of Translation of Euphemism from English into Persian. Najme Bahrami, Masoud Sharififar}{/sliders}
  3. {slider Relationship between Social Competence and Iranian EFL Learners’ Academic Achievement across Different Levels. Mehdi Musavi, Ghaffar Tajalli and Mohammad Bagheri}{/sliders}
  4. {slider Interlingual Interference in English Language Order of Prenominal Adjectives: A Context of Iranian Pre-advanced Learners. Rozana Shamsabadi and Daryoosh Nejadansari}{/sliders}
  5. {slider Non-Equivalence in Technical Language of Cell Phones A Case Study of Persian and English Languages. Ghazal Saeedfar and Amir Hossein Mirsalehian }{/sliders}
  6. {slider The Relationship between Self Esteem (global self-esteem and task self-esteem) and Speaking Skill of Female EFL Learners. Mojdeh Shahnama and Shahin Sheikh Sang Taja}{/sliders}
  7. {slider The Acquisition of Optional Infinitives by Persian EFL learners. Ali Akbar Jabbari and Hamide Behroueian }{/sliders}
  8. {slider Mobile Learning: Using Cellphones and Its Effects on Listening Skill in Iranian EFL Intermediate Learners and on Their Motivation. Soraya Entezari, Habib Soleimani and Kamran Janfeshan}{/sliders}
  9. {slider The Effect of Three Test Methods on Reading Comprehension of Iranian EFL learners: Focusing on Multiple Intelligences Approach. Mahin Gholami and Azizollah Dabaghi}{/sliders}
  10. {slider A Critical Discourse Analysis of Press News on Syrian Unrest. Javad Hayatdavoudi}{/sliders}
  11. {slider Enhancing Promotion through Generic Features: The Case of Blurbs in Hard versus Soft Science Textbooks. Davud Kuhi and Zeinab Iraji}{/sliders}
  12. {slider The Effect of Foreign Language Anxiety on Listening Comprehension of Iranian EFL Learners. Fatemeh Mahmoudi Zarandi and Hamid Mohaghegh}{/sliders}
  13. {slider The Role of Integrated Social and Cognitive Classroom Activities in Developing Oral Fluency and Naturalness in Iranian EFL Learners. Asgar Mahmoudi}{/sliders}
  14. {slider I SWEAR BY GOD! Who Swears More, Men or Women? A Case Study of Iranian Male and Female Teachers’ Use of Swearing. Ayad Kamalvand, Mohammad Javad Mohammadi and Akbar Azizifar}{/sliders}
  15. {slider Investigating the Effect of the Amount of Familiarity with Web on Iranian EFL Students’ Source-Based Writing. Mustafa Shahrokhi}{/sliders}
  16. {slider Collocation learning: Direct or indirect written corrective feedback? Farzaneh Solgi}{/sliders}
  17. {slider Translation of Cognitive Schemata in Children Storybooks According to Cognitive Linguistics. Bijan Bateni, Behnaz Ebdali Takallu and Sharareh Sarsarabi}{/sliders}
  18. {slider Translation of Extralinguistic Culture-Bound Elements in Missing Slouch a Persian novel translated into English. Najme Hamzehnejadi, Masoud Sharififar}{/sliders}
  19. {slider The Relationship between Iranian EFL learners’ Learning Styles and Their Perception of Error Feedback in Oral Activities. Malihe Afghari, Azizollah Dabaghi and Omid Tabatabaei}{/sliders}
  20. {slider The Effect of Using Semantic Network of Word Net on Intermediate EFL Vocabulary Learning. Niloofar Mansoory and Leila Armal}{/sliders}
  21. {slider Beautification of Metaphor in William Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Mokhtar Ebrahimi, Maryam Ebrahimi}{/sliders}
  22. {slider Translation Universals: A Case Study of Explicitation in Persian-English-Persian Translations. Masoud Sharififar and Seyed Mahmoud Reazi}{/sliders}
  23. {slider Output-based Instruction: Investigating the Interaction between Pedagogy and Motivation in Iran. Majid Farshid, Azizollah Dabaghi and Mansoor Tavakoli}{/sliders}
  24. {slider Moving Towards an Objective Scoring Assessment in Interpreting. Sima Ferdowsi}{/sliders}
  25. {slider Similar Portrayal of Two Invulnerable Heroes in Homer’s Iliad and Ferdowsi’s Shah-nameh. Mohammad Ghazanfari}{/sliders}
  26. {slider Image-Making as Exercised by Iranian Literary Translators. Hoda Hadipour}{/sliders}
  27. {slider Improving the Proficiency of Iranian Students in Learning English by Using Games. Mohammad Reza Pahlavan Nezhad and Farzaneh Hassanzadeh Tavakoli}{/sliders}
  28. {slider The Comparative Effect of Short Stories and Task-Based Reading on Intermediate EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension. Mona Khabiri and Tannaz Jalayer}{/sliders}
  29. {slider Critical Evaluation of Teaching ESP for Tertiary Level Iranian EFL Learners. Farah Shooraki, AzizollahDabbaghi and Saeed Ketabi}{/sliders}
  30. {slider Generic Differences between Iranian Students’ Essays and a Standard Model Essay. Parisa Javani}{/sliders}

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