The Effect of Explicit Teacher-directed Noticing on Learning Verb + Noun Collocations

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Volume 8-1 February 2012.

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The Effect of Explicit Teacher-directed 

Noticing on Learning Verb + Noun Collocations


Adeleh Heidari (M.A)

Bahrololum Teacher Training Center of Shahrekord, Iran



Adeleh Heidari is a full-time teacher in Shahrekord Education Department and teaches general and specific courses in Bahonar and Bahrololum Teacher Training Centers, Shahrekord, Iran.


The present study investigates the effect of explicit teacher-directed noticing on learning verb+ noun collocations by thirty college students, selected from among sixty five majors in TEFL in Payam Center, Shahrekord, Iran. At the time of the study, they were taking Basic Reading Comprehension Course as a required first-year course. In order to select a homogeneous group sample, a language test was given to all the students. 44 of the students were rated at the intermediate level of proficiency from whom 30 were randomly selected. After the administration of the pretest containing 20 items on Verb+ Noun collocations a pamphlet containing some Verb + Noun collocations was provided by the researcher. Each collocation was given along with one authentic example in context. At the end of each unit, the students were provided with different noticing exercises such as fill in the blanks, matching, cross out the irrelevant word/s, etc. At the end of the course, a parallel test to the pretest was given to the students as the post-test. The subjects’ task was to fill in the missing collocations. Factors affecting the results of the test reliability and validity were minimized as far as possible. 

The researcher measured the effectiveness with which the completion test was performed in the number of correct responses to the 20 questions in the pre-test and the post-test. In order to accept or reject the first null hypothesis, test scores were analyzed statistically. To verify the hypothesis, the matched t-test was used. The results of the t-test showed that teacher-directed noticing has a significant role in learning collocations     

Keywords: Collocations, Explicit noticing, Teacher-directed noticing

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