Volume 11 Issue 4 December 2015

| December 2, 2015

Volume 11 Issue 4 December  2015

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Foreword by Paul Robertson & Rouhollah Askari Bigdeli

  1. Moussa Ahmadian & Azar Tajabadi
    A Sociocultural Perspective on Corrective Feedback in L2: The Effect of Negotiated versus Nonnegotiated Feedback on the Accuracy Improvement in Writing
  2. Gholamreza Zareian & Hamid Reza Hashemi
    The Tragedy of the Denial of Multiple Identities in Iranian EFL Textbooks: A Grounded Research
  3. Masoud Tavakoli Dinani & Ehsan Rassaei
    The Effects of Teacher-centered versus Learner-centered Classrooms on Iranian EFL Learners’ Out-of-class Activities
  4. Gholam-Reza Abbasian & Leila Fayezi Manshouri Moghaddam
    The Effect of Collaborative Assessment on Developing Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners’ Writing Ability and Alleviating Writing Anxiety
  5. Touraj Talaee & Frezia Sheikh.ol. Eslami
    The Influence of Language Learners, Teachers and Class Environment on Demotivation among Iranian EFL Learners
  6. Zivar Dinarvand & Shahin Sheikh
    The Effect of Pictorial Strategy on EFL Vocabulary Learning and Retention

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